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Guardian Home Information 

We are always looking to have guardian homes lined up for future prospects. Please contact me if you are interested! 


If you are interested in becoming a guardian home for Silver Creek Doodles, please read the following:


Starting out-  make sure you are able to meet these expectations: 

-Everyone in the family is a NON-SMOKER

-You need to live 45 minutes or less.. from Mill Spring, NC.

-Do not leave the puppy by itself for more than 4 hours at a time. 

-Able to use the vet of our choice- Bonnie Brae Vet. Hospital (Columbus,NC)

If you meet the listed above, please check out the contract and see if this might be suitable for you and your family. 

If so, please fill out a puppy application and let me know you are interested.

Thank you.


Puppy Application 


Guardian Home Agreement:



Breeder: Silver Creek Doodles 

Owner: Billie Jenkins

Address: Po Box 462
 Mill Spring, NC 28756

Phone: 828-748-1250








Dog’s Name:

Dog’s Date of Birth:


Registration Number: 


Guardian Name:




Zip Code:

Cell Phone: 



Purpose of this agreement:


1.The purpose of this agreement is to define the terms and conditions of a guardianship agreement between (_________________ ), hereafter referred to as “guardians” and SilverCreek, and hereafter referred to as “breeders”.

2. Agreement participants: This agreement pertains to _______________, hereafter referred to as the dog _____________, microchip# _______________, born on______________ . It is between the guardian(s) and the breeder(s).

3. Definition of terms:(A-D) 
A. Well Veterinary visits: 

A veterinary visit, scheduled in advance, the purpose of which is vaccinations or determination of normal growth and health. 

B. Sick Veterinary visits: A veterinary visit, scheduled for the purpose of investigating or treating an ill or injured dog. 

C. Breeding: mating with a bitch to produce a litter via natural or artificial insemination.

D. Successful Breeding: Breeding that produces at least four live and viable pups.

4. The above named dog will continue to be owned by SilverCreek until the dog has reached the age of 5 years or until the agreement is terminated by one of the parties in a way defined by this agreement. The dog will live with and be cared for by the guardian(s) in a manner defined by the terms of this agreement during that time. Litter schedule is normally planned as starting on the 3rd heat and breeding back to back for 4 litters. There are times it could only be 3 litters, or a 5th litter can be agreed upon between the breeder and the guardian, resulting in a % of the income given to the guardian.

5. Breeders Obligations: (A-E) 

A. The breeder(s) will provide written instruction to the guardians regarding nutrition, training, and veterinary care. 

B. Breeder(s) will visit the guardian home a minimum of two times per year. 

C. Breeder(s) will approve the choice of the dog’s veterinarian 

D. Breeder(s) will be financially responsible for breeding related expenses including health testing related to breeding purposes. 

E. Breeder(s) will choose to financially be responsible for routine vet expenses (exams, fecals, heartworm test, vaccines, bloodwork) as long as the Guardian(s) go to Bonnie Brae Vet. Hospital in Columbus, NC.

F. The dog may need to reside with Breeder(s) during the time he is needed for breeding services. Breeder(s) will attempt to give at least 24 hours notice anytime he is needed for breeding service, however, it may not always be possible.

6. Guardian(s) Obligations: (A-P) 

A. The guardian is responsible for properly maintaining, containing, training and caring for the dog using methods approved of by the Breeders. 

B. Guardians must follow breeder’s nutritional guidelines, feed the dog whichever food the breeder suggest, along with supplements/vitamins (no matter the cost of the food/supplements), exercise the dog appropriately, pay for care and food related expenses, and pay for well and sick visits to the veterinarian. 

C. Guardians must surrender the dog to the breeders whenever requested and on occasions such as, but not limited to, breeding and veterinary visits. Guardians will be responsible for transportation if needed for breeding/vet appts. 

D. Guardians must inform breeders of vacations and planned absences, and any persons caring for the dog in the guardians’ absence must be approved by the breeders in advance.

E. Guardians may not choose or allow any elective veterinary procedures to be performed on the dog without the written consent of the breeders. 

F. Guardians may not use or allow the use of the dog for breeding purposes except as those arranged by the breeders.

G. Guardians are responsible for all routine feeding and care. With exception of: worming, vaccines and veterinary expenses (if not taken to Breeder(s) chosen vet).

H. Guardians will keep breeders updated on growth and development that includes a picture, weight and training accomplishments.

I. Guardians may not relocate with the dog more than 1 hours driving distance from Breeders residence without written permission from Breeder. 

J. Guardians will not allow the dog to become overweight. 

K. Guardians must train the dog to be well behaved and mannerly, including crate trained. Guardians will provide proof of passing Canine Good Citizen by the time the dog is 15 months old. Socialization is very important. Guardians must include appropriate socialization in the training program. Guardians will use a trainer ok’ed by the breeder, as it should be the breeders choice.

L. Guardians will not have intact male or female dogs living in the same home. 

M. Guardians must have a fenced in yard high enough that dog cannot enter or exit on her own. If there is not physical fence, the dog must be directly supervised while outside. 

N. Guardians must insure that Breeder is added as the legal owner with the vet clinic they use giving Breeder complete access to all medical information. 

O. Guardians will be required to provide transportation for breeding or testing purposes if needed.

P.Guardian must follow the breeders look, and provide the guardian with pictures that are presented to the groomer. If this groomer does not accomplish the look that the breeder wants, the breeder can find a groomer that will accomplish this, or the breeder will groom the dog for a fee.

Failure to meet any of these obligations can result in the dog being removed from the guardian home and termination of the guardian agreement. The guardians shall also pay the breeders $5,000.00 USD.

7. Illness, Injury or Death of the dog while in the guardians care: (A-E,i-ix) 

A. The guardians are responsible for seeking prompt and appropriate veterinary care in the event of injury or illness of the dog. 

B. If choices need to be made regarding the type of treatment; these choices must be presented to and made by the breeders. 

C. If the dog dies due to negligence on the part of the guardians, the guardians owe the breeders $8,000.00 USD. 

D. If the dog develops health problems or damage to reproductive organs that prohibit breeding due to negligence of guardians, the guardians will owe breeders payment of $8,000.00 USD. 

E. Negligence is defined as but not limited to:

i. Failure to contain or supervise in a responsible manner.

ii. Leaving the dog alone in a vehicle if the outdoor temperature is over 65 degrees F.

iii. Failure to prevent the dog from having access to toxic materials.

iv. Failure to provide a safe means of containment while the dog 
is in a moving vehicle (use of crate or canine safety belt is acceptable).

v. Theft of the dog due to no supervision while outside.

vi. Leaving the dog in the sole care of a person under the
age of 14 years. 

vii. Allowing dog to become overweight or underweight.

ix. Improper exercise, either lack of, to strenuous or jogging of puppy.

F. If the dog dies accidentally due to circumstances beyond the control of the guardians, the guardians do not owe any payment to the breeders.

8. If guardians desex the dog without written consent of the breeder(s), the guardians will owe breeder(s) $12,000.00 USD for each number years left in contract. If any lawsuits are filed in regards to this contract, guardian will be responsible for the cost of Breeder’s attorney fees and court costs. In the event that any legal action is taken to enforce any provision of this contract, said legal action shall be brought in the appropriate court located in Rutherfordton County, North Carolina. The laws of the Commonwealth of North Carolina shall be used to interpret the provisions of the contract and shall be applied by the court in rendering judgments in any legal action brought by either party.

9. Transfer of ownership of a proven or potential breeder or proven or potential sire:
 At the age of 5 years and upon written consent to do so, or at an earlier age if determined by breeders that conditions warrant it, the dog will be desexed at the guardian’s expense. Legal ownership will be transferred from the breeders to the guardians at this time. Proof must be submitted to breeder within 30 days after given notice to neuter.

10. Return of dog:
The guardians may return the dog to the breeders at any time for any reason and the guardianship agreement will be terminated.

11. If Breeders elect to not use the dog in the breeding program, Guardians may elect to return dog or purchase for $3,500. If guardians elect to purchase, payment will be remitted within 30 days, or on an approved payment plan by the breeder. Proof of neuter must be submitted to Breeder once written consent to neuter is given.
If Breeders do not use the dog due to failed health testing that affects quality of life, guardians may elect to return dog or keep the dog at no charge. Guardians must provide proof of neuter upon written consent to do so.

12. Therapy work:
The breeders do not make any guarantees that the dog will be a suitable dog for any type of therapy work. However, if he is engaged in training for therapy work or is actively engaging in therapy work, Breeders will be given copies of all certificates of training along with updates on involvement with therapy type activities.


Guardians Signature:


Printed Name:


Breeders Signature: 


Printed Name: 
Billie Jenkins 


Date signed:

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