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What you should know before getting on the wait list....

Before you place a deposit on a puppy, please take time to read this important information:

Our website is filled with a lot of information on what we do, how we treat our adult dogs and how we raise our puppies. We have a few dogs that live here with us in our home as family pets, but most of our future and current moms and dads live in guardian homes. Guardian homes are where we choose a family to take in our chosen future parent, and raise the puppy as if it were theirs, but under our stipulations and guidelines. We not only want the best home for all of our puppies, but guardian homes are very special. We need our breeding dogs to be very well socialized and trained to where they could be certified with Canine Good Citizen. We want and need well mannered dogs, which is not only good for the dog itself, but also for the people in the dogs life. Goldendoodles, labradoodles and Bernedoodles are naturally very intelligent... so with a little help and training in the beginning of a puppies life, will go a long way to form a dogs personality.



Not only do we choose wonder families to be apart of our guardian program, but all of our breeding dogs are up to date on their Wellness Visits, vaccines, heartworm/flea and tick prevention, fecal checks and annual bloodwork panels. This is done at our holistic vet in our hometown. We are very blessed to have a top notch Veterinary Clinic with the best doctors... only 25 minutes from our home. 


Around 6-12 months of age, this is when we start and complete our health testing on our upcoming moms and dads. Our vet also specializes in taking OFA radiographs for breeding dogs, hips/elbow certification. These radiographs have to be sent into either OFA or EVet Diagnostics (depending which program we use). They also fill out our forms for OFA patellas and heart. This is to clear the dog for no luxation in the knees, and a healthy heart with no abnormalities. 


OFA also recommends a “CERF” exam to be completed. A normal practitioner cannot perform this procedure, so we take our dogs to a Specialist, Upstate Veterinary Clinic. They have an ophthalmologist team there!  This certification is an exam to dilates the pupils, and allows the Doctor to look in the eyes for anything abnormal. 


For genetic diseases, we run full panels on each dog. We use Embark, PawPrints or Animal Genetics for this testing. When DNA testing a dog for diseases, they either sends you a collection kit or swabs. This allows you to get skin cells or a saliva sample to send into them, to run the test and get results. Doing this, you want to be certain you never breed 2 dogs with the results of carrying the same disease. For most diseases, they need 2 genes for the disease to AFFECT the dog. If the dog only have 1 gene of the disease, the dog is not at risk for that disease. But again, breeders have to be certain to never breed 2 dogs that carry the same gene of a disease together. Click Here to see the detailed list of all the testing that is completed!


So, not only are we concerned about the health of the dog or the household our dogs live in... but we keep our dogs groomed and looking presentable at all time. Our breeding dogs are grooming every 6 weeks or less. You can Click Here to see what our guardian contracts looks like and what our guardians are required to uphold.

If you are buying a puppy from Silver Creek Doodles, you are also on a contract. This is mainly for the pets health and well being. We also want to make sure you are getting the right puppy that fits your families needs. We do not sell to pet stores or to any broker to sell our puppies. We enjoying meeting our puppy families and becoming ‘friends’ with you guys! When buying a puppy from us, we feel everyone becomes part of the Silver Creek Family! Keep in mind, our puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter contract.


Puppy Contract:

Please read through my Puppy Guarantee and Pet Contract. This is the contract that will be signed at pickup day and/or prior to receiving your puppy. So, take your time and read through all the details. Let me know if you have any questions! Click Here

If you are comfortable with the contract and meet the criteria’s we have for our puppy buyers, continue to read the information below!



Puppy Application:

To get on the wait list for one of our future puppies, we need our puppy application completed. Please copy and paste the questions to an email, and send those over! Once we look over the application, we will decide if you are a good fit for one of our puppies. If so, we will set up a phone consultation. If you are approved to move forward, the deposit is due. Our deposit is $500. Click Here To access the puppy application. Once you send in your deposit, also make sure to send in a copy of the Non-Refundable Deposit Agreement Form. Make sure to put in details what you are interested in for your puppy. We recommend picking #1- Temperament. The temperament should be the main decision in which puppy you pick, but I do know that visually, you might want what is a desired look. If you have a characteristic you like best, let me know. I will also need to know what gender you prefer/want. 




$3,800 Mini/Medium, $4,000 Toy/Petite


Abstract- Red with minimal white (chest +/- head +/- feet):

$3,800 Mini/Medium, $4,000 Toy/Petite


Red Tuxedo:

$4,000 Mini/Medium, $4,500 Toy/Petite



$3,500 Mini/Medium, $3,800 Toy/Petite


Phantom: (minimal white)

$4,300 Mini/Medium, $4,500 Toy/Petite

SCG_5714 copy.jpg
SCG_5717 copy.jpg


4,500 Mini/Medium, $4,800 Toy/Petite

SCG_5635 copy.jpg
SCG_5609 copy.jpg


$4,800 Mini/Petite

2022-10-25 13.08.33 copy.jpg
2022-10-25 13.16.00 copy.jpg
2022-11-01 20.31.22-2 copy.jpg

Payment Schedule:

The deposit of $500 is the only amount mandatory before picking up your puppy. That is if you bring the remaining in cash. (Additional $3700-$4000, Totaling $3,500-$4500). If you decide to pay in check-form, you are welcome to send a few, each couple of weeks until payment is in full, but it must be done by 6 weeks of age. No checks will be taken after they are 6 weeks old.



Dog Food:

We will start your puppy on the PawTree Dog Food, Chicken and Sweet Potato. We will soak the food starting at 3.5-4 weeks old, depending on the mother’s milk production +/- the number of puppies in a litter. We leave the food soaked into formed pieces. At 5.5 weeks old, we start adding a handful of hard, non-soaked PawTree Chicken and Sweet Potato to help the teeth to start breaking through. Between 5.5-6 weeks of age, we will have them transitioned over completely to the dry food. This is the food you will need to have ordered by the time your puppy is 6 weeks old. It could take up to 1 week for the delivery to make it to your home. 

Click Here

(We start out with chicken as the protein to introduce poultry to the pup’s diet. This should help your pups Gi tract not form allergies to chicken proteins. In canines, Chicken is the #1 common food allergy. We hope this is prevention. We also recommend interchanging PawTrees food proteins from time to time.) Once you get your puppy home, monitor for anything not completely normal- puddy stool, itchy skin, etc. If your puppy has any of these signs, it is a good idea to interchange foods.

Another important note is that the contract you will sign, states you will feed PawTree Dog Food for the first 9 months of your puppy’s life. We have so much confidence in this food, that we make it a must! If you do not keep your puppy on this food, your puppy’s 2-year warranty guarantee will be null. If you do keep them on this food for longer than the 9 months… up to 4 years, you get an extra 2 years added to your warranty guarantee! 



The other thing that is a must-have is a crate. Depending on the estimated adult size of your puppy, the 36” metal crate with the divider works perfectly most of the time. We introduce a crate to the puppy area at 5 weeks old, which allows the puppies to get used to going inside. Hopefully this makes crate training much easier! This is one we recommend- Click Here



Waiting List & Puppy Picking Process:

We have a Wait-List that is for families that are planning ahead for future puppies. This allows families to prepare to get a puppy when either stated or estimated on my upcoming litter tab. Some families want a chance at any available puppy and others want a certain gender, coat markings and/or texture. This waiting list is one of the hardest parts of this job because our future parents have to pass testing, females need to cycle regularly and have a successful pregnancy. There is always a chance a female will not take… or they might have a small litter. We know what is expected in each mating; Coat Colors, Textures and how big the litter number should be. But it is genetics and nature, and sometimes it has a mind of its own! This might leave us all in a bind, waiting on that perfect puppy to come along.


When puppies are born, we will send out the livefeed link to our wait-list. This will grant you access to watching the puppies 24/7 or as needed! I will take very close up, detailed weekly photos... and post them either on facebook, my website, and/or send them in emails. We do NOT have families on a specific litter until the puppies are 1-2 weeks old (Breeder will let you know the deadline when puppies are born. At that time, we will send out the 1-2 week old photos and start at the top of the list. You will not pick your puppy at this time, but you will need to make a decision on whether you want a puppy from this litter or to wait until a future litter. This allows the puppies to be grown enough at 1-2 weeks old, to see coat texture and visible characteristics the puppies have. (If you do not respond in 24hrs, we will move down the list to the next families) I will explain your position on the litter wait list. For example: if you are only wanting a tuxedo color pattern, and there are 3 tuxedo puppies in the litter. You need to be at the top 3. If you are #5 on the list, but there are also other people ahead of you interested in the same thing, you might want to wait until a future litter with more choices. If you decide to move forward on a litter that is in the 1-2 weeks old age-frame, your name will be removed from the original wait list. You will have 4-5 weeks to really zone in on the puppy camera and pick up on their personalities. At 6 weeks,  we will have the vet exam notes available for access. Once the vet notes are complete, I will start at the top of the litters list (the families that said yes at 1-2 weeks old) and ask if you are interested in the puppies i have chosen that would be a good match for your household... +/- the physical characteristics. The families will always have a pick between atleast 2 puppies. I will not offer a puppy that i do not feel would be the best fit for your family. If you are not happy with the puppies i have chosen for you to pick between, your $500 deposit will go towards the time of communication and the held spot on that wait-list. 



Again, we encourage families to pick their puppy due to temperament and health; over color, markings or gender. 



Puppy Pickup

Lastly, but one of the most important details. Triple check to make sure the take home date is available for you. If you do not use our transportation on the date we provide or pickup on the day listed, you will need to wait for a future litter.



Thank you for taking time to read this. We look forward to adding your family to our wait list and providing you with a wonderful puppy. We want your family to be completely prepared before your puppy comes to your home. So please reach out and ask any questions or concerns.


Thank you.

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