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The Short Story

About Us

Thank you for taking time to look into Silver Creek Doodles. We live in Mill Spring, NC. Our PASSION is our Doodles, and providing households with family members like ours!

Most of our females are anywhere from 18-38 pounds. We also have a few males that are the same size as our females, to produce honest minis. 

I started looking into goldendoodles in 2010, finding my first female, Gabby, in 2012. What a blessing to have this girl start my business! We have built Silver Creek Goldendoodles from retaining females from her litters... and at this time, Gabby has done her job and she is retired! 

I met an Australian Labradoodle breeder in the same county I live in, Polk County. We decided to work together and co-own a female, Loretta, in 2014. I loved Goldendoodles so much, I always said we would never add another breed to our program. Never say never. 2018- we started producing the Australian Labradoodle breed! (If you are interested in any upcoming Australian Labradoodles Litters, please visit our labradoodle tab!) Widening the range of breeds, in 2021, we also have added a few Bernedoodles so we can offer the laid back temperament of a Bernese Mnt Dog and non shedding of a poodle. (Check out our Bernedoodles tab!) Between the 3 breeds, these are definitely my favorites!! 


Lets backpedal a little- I worked at a holistic vet in my hometown, Bonnie Brae Veterinary Hospital for 7 years (2009-2016), as well as doing wildlife rehabilition for 7 years. May 2016, I dedicated myself to the Goldendoodles.  

So, to sum it all up, we started breeding Goldendoodles in 2012, added Australian Labradoodles in 2018, and our last breed- introducing the Bernedoodles in 2021. 


Fast forward to current date, my family was blessed enough to build our dream home and puppy raising area/facility in late 2020. Not only was it needed, but to have the room and ability to have it as spacey as possible, makes a HUGE difference. For us and the dogs/puppies.

We moved in, in Late September 2020 and COULD NOT be any happier. (Review the tab about our facility to see pictures.)

Most of our dogs live in guardian homes, but the ones that live with us.. go where we do! If we take vacations or plan to go out to dinner, we always try to find a pet friendly environment! 

left to right
LeRoy, Gabby, Ariel, Mitchell 


left to right:
Georgia, Clem, Gabby, Mitchell, Ariel



left to right:
Gabby, Dave, Shae, Todd


left to right:
Gabby, Dave, Todd, Shae



left to right:
Dave, Shae, Todd, Gabby


left to right:
Shae, Todd, Gabby, Dave

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